The Ferrata (climb) Sant’Antone extends on the Pisan mountains at a height between 500-600 meters and is composed of many traverses, often exposed and overhanging, which put the hiker to the test. The starting point is a visible pitch on the SP road 56 from Buti to Monte Serra. The pitch is distinguished by a fountain and a house on the opposite side of the road.
Park the car and go up the paved road for about 200 meters until a sign ” via ferrata”. Take an uphill path with red and white signs and walk for 5 minutes.

The Ferrata is a safeguarded climb of recent construction. Due to the low altitude, it lends itself to being traveled all the year. The rock offers good adherence and helps during the stretches where the adherence of the boot on the rock is essential. The ferrata is varied, offering plenty of traverses, challenging downhill sections, walls, chimneys. You need good arm strength due to the large number of overhanging stretches along the way. Each taproot is numbered making it possible to understand which way it is of the route – considering that the entire via ferrata is about 170 nails.

Info: CAI Pontedera
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