The Biolago, at the foot of the charming medieval village of Sasso Pisano, consists of a calidarium with water at 36 degrees and whirlpool, a tepidarium, a pond phyto purified at room temperature. The bathing complex is fed by the hot springs of the surrounding area and by the cold waters heated by the geothermal district heating system.

A visit to the Biolago becomes an opportunity to restore the energy balance of body and mind: the natural setting invites you to slow down the pace, while treatments range from reflexology to Shiatsu through pranotherapy and physiotherapy.

Nearby are still visible geothermal manifestations near the paths of fumaroles and archaeological excavations of the Etruscan-Roman baths of Bagnone, to date the only example of Etruscan baths in ‘ancient Etruria. The size of this complex and its geographical position have led to identify the site with one of the spas in the Tabula Peutingeriana (preserved at the National Library in Vienna) where the ancient “aquae volaterranae” are represented. In the small Antiquarium are exposed the most interesting finds discovered during the excavations.


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