The Antiquarium of Marti is part of Montopoli Museum System.

Between Etruscan, Medieval and Modern Art

It collects the Etruscan, Medieval and modern finds from the excavations of the former Marti Castle called “Bastione“: clusters of ceramics produced between the 11th and 16th centuries and several bricks from a late medieval kiln,  probably used to build the fortress and the parish church as well.

The tour in the archaeological area starts from the Etruscan tomb known as “Gina” and follows the old road along the medieval brick kiln until the parish church of Santa Maria Novella, built in 1332.

After the destructions caused by Florentines the church haven’t been officiated for several decades until 1470 when it was restored and consacrated by the Bishop of Lucca.

There’s an interesting popular story about the crucifix: it is told that a knight of  the Santo Stefano Order, Vincenzo Baldovinetti, was captain of a ship in which was misteriously found the crucifix, later gently donated to the church from the captain himself.

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