The “Amaretto” is the typical cake of Santa Croce sull’Arno, the “capital” of the leather district (between Pisa and Florence). According to the tradition, it was “created”  in the 18th century by the nuns of the local Convent of Santa Cristiana: a monastic tradition that came out of the cells and entered the homes of the local families.

The Amaretto is a small dry biscuit made with almond flour, sugar and eggs, to which is added as a flavoring the grated lemon rind. It is cooked in a hot oven. It can be considered a trick at the end of a meal that goes perfectly with liqueur wines like Vin Santo. It is made in pastries in substantial compliance with the traditional recipe.

While in the past it was sold individually, today the pastries are sold in transparent plastic bags. Every year, on December 8th, Santa Croce sull’Arno pays tribute to it organizing a  festival, the Sagra dell’Amaretto di Santa Croce.

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