There is a Tuscany still to be discovered. Original and hidden, real and genuine.
A host of towns, faces and stories spanning the centuries.
A land with a mild climate and hills, woods, olive groves, vineyards, rocks and country villas stretching all the way down to the sea.
With a river running through it, the Arno, that covers its final stretch here, after nurturing life, the economy and agriculture.
Stunning scenery, wine and food, art and crafts are the winning features of this territory identified by the Terre di Pisa brand, supported by institutions, trade associations, consortiums and business networks, but also local producers, artisans and operators. An organizational network linking all the actors who are part of the project and invite you to become familiar with this brand symbolized by the Tower of Pisa, a beacon for every departure and for every return.
More information about the various areas, nature trails, wine and food itineraries, culture and crafts will soon be available online, also in English.